8:30 Registration of participants

  • Registration of participants

12:50-14:00 Discussion panel: Vision of RES development in Poland and Europe:

  • Key aspects of distributed energy development
  • Application of prosumer systems
  • Development of renewable energy sources and integration of RES in the energy system based on conventional generation sources

– Offshore:

  • Offshore wind energy – success factors for the construction of offshore wind farms in the Polish Baltic Sea zone, experience from other countries, technological development, legal framework and support mechanisms
  • Impact of RES technology development on energy supplies security

– Onshore wind and photovoltaics:

  • Auction system vs. corporate PPA in the context of further development of onshore wind projects
  • Conditions for the development of solar energy in Poland – how to implement assumed participation in the energy mix

– Biomass

15:20-16:30 Discussion Panel: Gas sector:

  • The importance of natural gas in the process of transformation of the energy sector in Poland
  • Integration of gas markets in the Baltic Sea Basin
  • The development of LNG in Poland and the potential of markets in the Region
  • Factors affecting gas prices as a commodity in global markets

16:30 – 17:45 Discussion panel: Clean air programme:

  • Transformation of district heating as an important element of multi-faceted actions to improve energy efficiency
  • District heating – transformation base for local energy systems
  • Elimination of low emissions by using district heat / District heat as a weapon to fight smog
  • Can district heating systems and power system complement each other in the efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions?
  • Investments in the area of thermo-modernisation of buildings are necessary to achieve energy efficiency
  • Clean air programme – how can heat engineering and electrification of transport affect the achievement of planned objectives



10:20-11:30 Discussion panel: New technologies in the energy sector:

– Industry 4.0 in the energy sector:

  • The importance of Industry 4.0 in the era of changes in the transmission network infrastructure and the large share of renewable, distributed energy sources in electricity generation
  • The use of modern technological solutions to stabilise and increase the efficiency of coal-fired power plants and reduce the level of carbon dioxide production
  • Innovations in energy sector and their key role in developing low-carbon energy
  • Digitalisation of the energy sector and the use of artificial intelligence

– Energy storage:

  • Current and future energy storage technologies – prospects for their implementation in the Polish power system
  • Energy storage is an opportunity to strengthen the position of consumers so that they can actively participate in the electricity market through the generation, storage and sale of renewable energy.
  • Potential and conditions for the development of energy storage facilities, available technologies and functionalities

– Electromobility – development conditions, availability of charging infrastructure, possibility of battery production in Poland

12:10-13:10 Discussion panel: Financing transformation in the energy sector:

  • Financial mechanisms of the EU – modernisation fund, coal in transition,
  • Debt financing and corporate bonds
  • CVC funds and innovation grants

13:30-14:30 Discussion panel: Poland's new energy policy in context of the climate and energy package of the European Union:

  • Poland’s energy mix in 2040 and its impact on the formation of energy prices in Poland
  • Cooperation of conventional coal sources and large-scale RES within the framework of Poland’s new energy policy
  • Areas of cooperation and synergy between coal and renewable energy to ensure energy security and the environmental safety of the state
  • Stability of energy generation from different sources as a key element to ensure energy security of the state
  • The key importance of the energy storage sector in accelerating the transformation process of the Polish energy sector / Energy storage – an important component of supporting the transition to a low-carbon energy system

13:30-14:30 Discussion panel: Hydrogen application in the energy sector:

  • Areas of hydrogen use in decarbonisation and global energy transformation
  • Can hydrogen play a key role in energy storing and balancing an electricity system dominated by renewable energy sources? – The future of Power-to-gas systems
  • The vision of hydrogen as an alternative fuel and its role in the strategy for mobility of the future
  • Hydrogen technologies in the gas sector – capability/barriers, potential
  • Safety of hydrogen systems operation
  • Good practices for the development of hydrogen technologies in the world
  • What should Poland’s technological policy be for the development of hydrogen technologies?

*The Organizer informs that this is a draft agenda which will be subject to changes