Wrocław has never seen before


why now?

At the end of the decade, the first phase of the technological change ends. We already know that the future is determined by data and communication, we already know what loT is, what is a cloud, data protection, what fintech is and how medtechs can change our daily lives. The startup market has changed – the stories of “garage” beginnings, computers assembled by talented students, are a history now. Today the market involves serious money, serious investors, new technologies define the strength of national economies. We are facing new challenges: how to unlock the potential of Polish companies? How to become a global, innovative economy? How to implement agile, smart technologies with big companies? How to look for ideas? How to sift the best ones? How to invest in a smart way?

Startup Wars is not just another “startup conference”.

We want to create an open platform for business, which will allow companies from Central and Eastern Europe to grow faster. Which will allow the best to break through the glass ceiling and open space for innovation in Polish business. The business that will define future of the world.

why Wrocław?

Wrocław is today one of the fastest growing cities in Poland.

It is also a city considered to be business friendly. On the one hand, it connects large corporations that are eager to settle here (UBS, Credit Suisse, IBM. 3M, Nokia, etc.) and, on the other hand, it is a thriving research centre, full of young people and ideas, which fosters the development of entrepreneurship and startups. Wrocław is also a European city – a location of being at the same distance from Warsaw, as the distance from Berlin and Prague. And finally – this city is open for what’s new.