Gazterm 2021

gazterm  2021


Once again, a conference has been organized, which is considered a prestigious event in the gas sector and one of the most important forums supporting the exchange of experience between representatives of the gas, heating and electricity industries. The Gazterm conference is also an important place to present new technical and technological achievements in the energy industry. For over 20 years, the conference has brought together experts and representatives of the gas, heat and energy sectors, scientists and manufacturers of equipment used in the gas and energy industries.

Conference in 2021 entitled Gas fuels in the process of energy transformation of Poland and the Three Seas region. The Three Seas-Ukraine gas summit focused on the most current and future challenges facing the energy sector. Undoubtedly, such a challenge is the energy transformation with the participation of gaseous fuels, in particular natural gas, which is to become a transitional fuel, allowing for accelerating the implementation of climate goals. During the event, the following were discussed: the following topics:

  • Natural gas as a bridging fuel in the energy transformation from the national and regional perspective;
  • Financing gas investments in the era of energy transformation;
  • Effective use of gas infrastructure in the process of energy transformation;
  • Hydrogen economy in Poland against the background of international experience;
  • The role of natural gas in the process of transformation of the heating and power industry in Poland and Europe;
  • Status and prospects for the development of the biomethane market in Poland;
  • New challenges for cybersecurity in the era of accelerated digitization of the energy and gas industry.

Continuing the several-year tradition of international gas summits, this time the focus was on the possibilities and potential of cooperation between the countries co-creating the Three Seas Initiative and Ukraine. During the Conference, the speakers tackled the following questions:

  • Should natural gas be a bridge fuel for the countries of our region in the process of their energy transformation?
  • How to use the existing and under construction infrastructure for the safety and liquidity of cross-border gas trade in the region?
  • Can cooperation with Ukraine as part of the Three Seas Initiative create an alternative to the Russian-German gas alliance?
Gazterm 2021
Gazterm 2021