Gazterm 2022



In May 15-18, 2022, another energy sector conference, one of the largest events in the industry, is going to take place in Poland. The conference will be very special for the Organizers as Gazterm is going to celebrate its 25th anniversary. After so many years, Gazterm has become a prestigious venue of meetings and discussions for representatives of the energy sectors from Poland and abroad, as well as politicians and representatives of the government administration. The high profile topics and the excellent management of the event make Gazterm one of the most important and highly appreciated conferences in the country, which has been confirmed by event attendees.

As in previous years, this time we gather to discuss the hottest topics for the energy industry and new challenges resulting from globalization of the gas market. These include disrupted supply chains and growing prices of gas.

The agenda of the 25th GAZTERM Conference primarily focuses on unprecedented, global energy market changes. The agenda highlights also include regional cooperation under the Three Seas Initiative. In this particular case, the topic is going to be discussed in the context of megatrends, such as globalization of gas markets and energy transition to eliminate fossil fuels. Price hikes that have continued for over a year are global and expose the vulnerability of European gas markets. The instability of markets and worsening gas purchase terms undermine the previous position of gas as an attractive fuel and its role of a transition fuel in the energy transformation. The future operation of the gas industry is also threatened by the pressure to abandon fossil fuels. From this point of view, we are going to analyze the latest policies of the European Commission, namely the ‚EU Methane Strategy’ and the ‚Fit for 55′ Package. Apart from the transition, another valid topic is the gas supply security, especially in the context of the Russian Federation and its allies’ aggressive behavior. In short, the GAZTERM 2022 Agenda focuses on the need to tighten regional collaboration in the gas and energy sectors to meet challenges posed by rapid global changes.