Nuclear Inter Jura Congress 2024 is focused on “Nuclear New Build Renaissance: In Search for New Approaches to Legal and Regulatory Challenges”. The examination of topics will consider i.a.:

Nuclear Inter Jura 2024 – 03 to 07 November 2024

03 November

Welcome reception

04 November

Day 1
– Polish Nuclear Power Programme and the Way Forward

Registration of patricipants

Session 1:
Inaugural Session – Keynote Speakers

Session 2:
Polish Nuclear Power Programme and Energy Policy of Poland until 2040 – the Way Forward

Session 3:
Large-scale nuclear projects, financing and state-aid

Session 4:
International Nuclear Trade and New Build – INLA WG 3 (incl. import/export control)

Session 5:
Radiation Protection & Nuclear Security and Non-proliferation – INLA WG 4 & 6

End of Day One

Social event / Free evening

05 November

Day 2
– Legal Challenges and Regulatory Effectiveness – New Approaches

Session 6:
Opening session – New Approaches to Legal Challenges and Regulatory Effectiveness

Session 7:
Safety and Regulation – INLA WG 1

Session 8:
Nuclear Liability and Insurance – INLA WG 2

Session 9:
Nuclear Transport – INLA WG 7

Session 10:
Waste Management – INLA WG 5

End of Day Two

Social event / Free evening

06 November

Day 3
– Advanced Nuclear Technologies

Session 11:
Opening session – SMR and MMR projects – overview of different concepts

Session 12:
Standardization and harmonization of regulatory frameworks for advanced nuclear technologies

Session 13:
Discussion – SMR and MMR projects – legal challenges in implementation

Session 14:
The European legal framework for the development of SMR and MMR projects

Session 15:
Nuclear Fusion (INLA WG 8) & HTGR

End of Day Three

Gala Dinner

07 November

Day 4
– Boosting Local Content and Supplier Development

Session 16:
Opening session – Day Four – Keynote Speakers

Session 17:
Local Content – Contractual Challenges & Possible Solutions

Session 18:
Suppliers – Certification & Accreditation Challenges

End of Congress

INLA General Assembly

*The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event program.


Authors are invited to submit in English an abstract of their proposed paper before 30 April 2024. Abstracts should be sent by e-mail to the INLA Secretariat: Bernadette.KEYMOLEN@aidn-inla.be and to inla.poland@gmail.com. The preferred format is MS Word.

The abstract should include:

  • the title of the proposed paper;
  • the full name(s) of the author(s), title, professional affiliation, e-mail address & the presenting authors should be identified;
  • one page maximum summarising the content of the proposed paper.

Authors will be informed of the decision regarding acceptance of their papers by 15 May 2024. Finalised papers shall need to be sent to the above addresses by 1 September 2024. While prospective authors are free to propose the subjects of nuclear law of their choice, the final program will assure consideration of topics within the scope of the overal theme of the Congress and each INLA Working Group’s interests.

INLA Working Groups (see more at: www.aidn-inla.be):

WG 1 – Safety and Regulation

WG 2 – Nuclear Liability and Insurance

WG 3 – International Nuclear Trade/New Build

WG 4 – Radiological Protection

WG 5 – Radioactive Waste Management

WG 6 – Nuclear Security and Non-Proliferation

WG 7 – Nuclear Transport

WG 8 – Nuclear Fusion